14 Tips to Help You with Your Personal Injury Case

  1. Begin getting medical care right away for all of your injuries.  If you can use your own health insurance and use doctors in your plan, consider doing so.
  2. At all of your doctor’s visits, talk to your doctor about all of your injuries and all of your limitations.
  3. Make sure you attend all of your doctor and therapy appointments.
  4. Always follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter.
  5. Keep your lawyer informed about your medical care and your medical condition.
  6. Keep your lawyer informed about your employment status; let him know if you are able to work or if you are not; let him know if you have changed jobs or lost your job due to your injuries, and keep your lawyer informed about limitations at work due to your injuries.
  7. Promptly provide your attorney with all ambulance bills and reports, hospital and medical bills and reports, any police report accident reports you may have obtained or received and any correspondence about your case.
  8. Be candid with your attorney about any pre-existing problems, injuries or prior lawsuits you have or have been involved in.
  9. Take photographs of your injuries and provide copies of them to your lawyer.
  10. If your attorney does not have photos of your property damage, take them and provide them to your attorney.
  11. Save any evidence that relates to your case including notes or a diary of important occurrences as it relates to your case.
  12. Make your Facebook, Twitter or other social network site totally private and do not post any information about your case on any of these sites.
  13. Keep your attorney informed about any changes to your email address, your phone number or mailing address.
  14. Inform your lawyer about any changes to your marital status.
  15. Consider using e-mail as your preferred method of getting in touch with your attorney. E-mails are one of the best ways of communicating with your lawyer as it leaves a record and allows the attorney to respond at their convenience which usually will occur more rapidly than requesting a phone call.

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