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18 Wheeler Truck Accidents on Interstate 35

The Law Offices of Adrian Crane, P.C. April 19, 2015

On portions of the Interstate 35 in Texas, the posted speed limits have been increased to 85 mph. Some people claim that most everyone didn’t obey the speed limits before they were raised to 85 and that raising the limits actually makes the highway safer.

Unfortunately, Interstate 35 is a main thoroughfare in Texas for truckers and big rigs. All things being equal, the faster a truck is going, the more likely it is to get into an accident leading to serious injury or wrongful death.

Speed can play a factor in causing an 18-wheeler jackknife accident; essentially when the trailer’s inertia overcomes the truck tractor’s control that can be exerted on the trailer, the trailer simply goes where the inertia causes it to go, often times pushing the braking truck out of the way, off to the side. When the truck stays out in front but is still not able to completely direct the path of the trailer, you have an out of control situation that often ends in death or catastrophic injury.

Interstate 35 in Texas has a large number of semi truck accidents on it every year in part due to the high speed limits, the large amount of traffic, and the historical growth of Texas necessitating repairs and enlargements. Of course when a driver of an 18 wheeler tractor trailer truck does not exercise the utmost in care, accidents happen. Drug and alcohol-free drivers who can concentrate on the driving, who are not distracted and who have had plenty of sleep are much more likely to be accident free. It is not uncommon for drivers of these large trucks to celebrate a million miles or more of accident free driving.

Another huge factor in so many 18 wheeler truck accidents happening on Interstate Highway 35 in Texas is simply the sheer large number of tractor-trailers traveling on I -35 everyday.

Interstate 35 runs for 505 miles through Texas. As most Texans know, it runs right through Dallas.

In the Dallas, Fort Worth area, Interstate 35 consists of 35E and 35W, with 35 E running through Dallas and with 35W running through Fort Worth, with the split beginning at Hillsboro.

I-35E travels northward for 97 miles, maintaining I-35’s sequence of exit numbers. It travels through Dallas before rejoining with I-35W to reform I-35 in Denton.

The speed limit is 75 miles per hour on both I-35E and I-35W only in Hill County, and 65 miles per hour or lower elsewhere.

Interstate 35E travels concurrently with U.S. Route 67 (US 67) from just north of Kiest Boulevard in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas to the I-30 interchange in downtown Dallas. From there, US 67 joins with I-30. On both segments, US 67 is signed.

From Waco, Texas to El Dorado, Kansas, I-35 (or I-35E) typically runs concurrent with, or lies fairly close to, US 77. This highway travels parallel to I-35E after splitting off of I-35 north of Hillsboro, running through Italy and Milford. It joins with I-35E for less than 1 mile just south of Waxahachie, before splitting back off to run through Waxahachie.

It rejoins the interstate just north of a junction with State Highway 342 in Red Oak. US 77 stays with the interstate through Dallas and up to the southeastern section of Denton. It then breaks off, rejoining I-35 north of the city.

I-35E from the Dallas–Ellis County line to downtown Dallas, I-35E is called South R.L. Thornton Freeway and varies from eight to ten lanes plus HOV.

The section from I-20 to Downtown Dallas will be undergoing a major reconstruction by 2015 to 12 lanes.

Reconstruction of I-35E and the downtown Mixmaster interchange with I-30 is planned as part of the Horseshoe project, derived from the larger Pegasus Project.

From this point, I-35E is named the Stemmons Freeway to Lewisville. This section will undergo reconstruction in three phases. The first, a widening of I-35E from I-635 to Denton, will start in late 2011 to over 16 lanes. The second, the LBJ Project, will include elevated toll I-35E lanes by 2016. Last is the major reconstruction of Stemmons Freeway (I-35E) from downtown Dallas to I-635 to over 20 lanes by 2020.

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