18 Wheeler Truck Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts on big tractor-trailers are very common and happen hundreds of times a day across the nation.  Most tires that blow out are actually tires that have had their tread worn down and then re-applied.

The driver of an 18 wheeler truck should inspect their tires often; before commencing each trip, several times throughout the day and also whenever a problem is suspected.  If this is done, most problems with blow-outs would be prevented.  To not do so is often negligence.  If this negligence causes an injury, the driver and others will be liable for the damages they cause.

A fully inflated tractor-trailer tire with a full load bearing down on it produces a tremendous amount of pressure, almost like a bomb just waiting to go off.

When a front tire blows out or has a rapid loss of air on a big rig, catastrophic situations can materialize in an instant.  The truck can jack-knife and cause a huge pileup of cars in a catastrophic style accident with many or even dozens of injuries and deaths. 

If the integrity of the tire is breached, the rubber of the tire, and the tread that as referenced before that is often reapplied, can fly off and smash through an automobile’s windows causing serious injury or a loss of control of the vehicle.  Some of these parts and pieces can weigh over 70 pounds.

At other times the parts can perforate the metal of a passenger or driver’s door. 

The 3 Most Common Causes of Tire Failure on An 18-Wheeler:

  • Defective tires
  • Poor maintenance
  • Failure to inspect the tires as required under the  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR).

Many truck accidents from tire failures can be traced back to running the tire in an under-inflated condition. The truck driver has a duty to inspect the tires every day to insure they are in safe operating condition.  A properly inspected truck will not have under-inflated tires.  Unfortunately many truck drivers do not adequately inspect the rig and this can lead to many accidents.

Retread Tires

Many trucking companies have started using retreads to save money.  It can be a huge mistake and can easily lead to tire failure especially when the retread was done negligently.  Trucking companies are charged with the responsibility of keeping the rig in safe condition and installing safe tires is a part of that responsibility.  Some tire manufacturers say that any repaired or retread tire is not a safe alternative.

Serious accidents have occurred when a wheel has come off a big rig and flown down the highway only to strike a passenger car or causing the driver to lose control of the car to avoid hitting the tire.  Simple checks of the tires and wheels as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) could have avoided each of these accidents.

After any serious big rig truck accident in Texas, you can be assured the insurance company for the motor carrier will have investigators looking into reasons they can claim caused the accident that were not their fault.  They have a legal duty to the shareholders of the insurance company to do anything they “legally” can to shift responsibility from the driver or the company to someone else.

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