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18 Wheelers Jackknife Accidents

18 Wheelers Jackknife Accidents April 20, 2015

If you or a loved one has been injured by an out of control jackknifed truck or in some other kind of road accident, you owe it to yourself and your family to contact an experienced car and truck accident personal injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Adrian Crane at your earliest convenience. You can reach one of our attorneys through the contact form on this website or you can call one of them. We have been representing injured Texans since 1991 and have more than 40 years combined experience.

In the instance of a jackknifed tractor trailer truck or rig, the inertia of the heavy load behind the cab overcomes the control exerted by the cab and its wheels; at that point the cab is pushed to the side with the rig continuing in the direction is was traveling, causing what people call “jackknifing”.

The end result can be devastating if a passenger vehicle loaded with a family is in the way of an out of control, jackknifing truck.

Accidents of any kind that involve 18 wheelers and tractor trailers are usually a terrible tragedy for everyone involved. Of course the thing that causes so much damage is the size, weight and inertia of these monsters of the road; an 18 wheeler truck can weigh from forty to eighty thousand pounds depending on its size and cargo. Once they are moving, they are hard to stop.

Accidents with behemoth tractor trailer trucks and 18 wheelers can be caused by a multitude of things. The truth is that most if not all accidents with these commercial motor vehicles could have been avoided.

Many tractor-trailer accidents happen as a result of driver inattention and the condition and maintenance of the truck and its trailer. The reasons for these accidents varies greatly; determining why these accidents occur is usually only accomplished after the on board computers of the trucks are analyzed, law enforcement has fully analyzed the scene at the time of the accident and shortly thereafter and accident reconstruction experts and private investigators hired by Texas truck accident lawyers have analyzed all of the data and rendered opinions about why such accidents have occurred. In some situations, opinions will vary up until the very end and a jury will be called upon to render their opinion about why an accident occurred and who is responsible.

The size, height and weight of the many different kinds of trailers lend themselves to different kinds of damages that can be caused by them as well as the loads they are hauling and how they are hauled.

One fact that remains the same is that anytime a batch of cargo weighing several thousand times gets out of control, the end result is often disastrous unless it happens on a deserted road in a deserted part of the country which is unlikely, and even then the driver is often seriously hurt or killed.

As far as the danger of cargo, safety straps can become worn, stressed, and ultimately break during a jackknife incident. If the truck is carrying heavy concrete or steel pipes or heavy equipment, those items can also create huge damages and cause catastrophic injuries and unfortunately oftentimes even fatalities when these items are released from their secure position on the trailer and is either struck by a passenger vehicle, comes into the occupant department or causes a vehicle to lose control in an effort to avoid the accident. An average or even large vehicle is often small in comparison to the massive loads carried by the vehicles.

Truck drivers, to prevent accidents must not delay in their reactions; this is why any kind of drinking or drug use is prohibited by law; the safety of so many people depends on the response time of a driver behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler.

The improper use of cell phones and mobile devices, the use of prescription or illegal drugs, sleep deprivation, or just plain distractions in the car often lead to tragic accidents involving whole families and many cars. Momentary carelessness can spell disaster involving a tractor-trailer when there is a need for it to stop rapidly. While modern 18 wheelers are often equipped with devices to monitor driver’s abilities, speed and direction, sometimes these are only good after the accident when trying to determine the real cause for any tragic accident with a tractor trailer.

A piece of construction equipment or material on the back of the truck’s trailer can be far smaller than a large passenger vehicle but can weigh twice as much as the vehicle; because of the laws of inertia, the vehicle of much smaller weight suffers the most from a sudden stop or collision with the equipment and therefore suffers from concomitant serious crushing damages with injuries that match in severity.

While much effort is put into reducing tragic accidents on the road, the truth is that fully alert and conscientious drivers behind the wheels of these movers of our society is the best prescription for safe roads.

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