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Accidents Caused by Bad Brakes on 18 Wheelers

The Law Offices of Adrian Crane, P.C. April 29, 2015

Semi-trucks (18 Wheelers) take longer to stop than passenger cars because they are so heavy; it’s a matter of physics.

Accident reconstruction textbooks include formulas for calculating the stopping distance of big rigs, taking into consideration such items as the weight of its load, road conditions, the condition of the breaks, the condition of the tires, as well as the condition of the operator. Bad breaks, worn tires as well as sleepy operators make long stopping distances even longer.

Leading software used by accident reconstruction experts also takes these things into consideration. Furthermore, analyzing just how long it took for a big truck to stop aides in determining factors surrounding its stopping which can point to negligence.

Given the distance to stop a typical large truck with good brakes makes the condition of the brakes on the truck as well as the trailer significantly important to avoid some accidents. If the brakes are not adequately maintained or replaced, or out of adjustment, the consequences can be devastating if the semi truck must be stopped quickly. Even something as simple as having sufficient brake fluid in the reservoir can affect the distance it takes to stop even an empty rig.

Many truck accidents in Texas are caused by factors not associated with the brakes or stopping distance such as a side swipe accident; stopping distance may not always be important in determining whether the accident could have been avoided. There are many other situations however, like a rear-end truck accident or where a truck cannot stop at a stop sign or traffic control signal where the condition of the braking capacity of the truck may be an important issue or the most important issue in the occurrence of a truck accident.

Reduce Your Stress with An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

It is important that victims of truck accidents hire the best attorneys they can find to represent them and their families early on after any serious truck accident.

Trucking companies often try to put the tractor-trailer truck back on the road as soon as possible and before injured victims have had a chance to hire a competent Texas truck accident attorney who could look into the condition of the truck and its relation to the accident to determine if the condition of the 18 wheeler truck played any role in causing the accident.

Texas Semi Truck Accident Attorneys

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