Accidents Caused by Motorists Ignoring Stop Signs

Stop signs control traffic and therefore save lives.  Not only do they save lives by helping prevent serious vehicle on vehicle collisions, they also contribute a great deal to the safety of our less protected citizens such as motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Stop signs exist for a reason.  Contrary to what some people evidently believe, they are not there to needlessly slow down people’s daily commute or to give the police a reason to pull you over.  

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Unfortunately, every year there are thousands of serious car accidents that end in permanent injury and death as a result of drivers who fail to stop when they are directed to.  This is especially true when the other drivers passing through the intersection do not have a stop or yield sign and are traveling at full speed before the impact.  

If you or a loved one has been injured by a driver’s negligent or reckless failure to observe a stop or yield sign or any other traffic control sign or device, one of our Dallas, Texas car and truck accident personal injury lawyers can fight for your justice. Call us today or contact us through the free case evaluation form found on this website.

Why Drivers Ignore Stop Signs

Accidents at stop signs often happen when drivers see stop signs but continue through them in order to save time or because they simply do not feel like slowing down.  Some drivers do not stop because they mistakenly believe they can see that there is no traffic.  Others cause accidents when they don’t stop at stop signs thinking that there normally isn’t any traffic at that intersection and they just decide to take their chances, risking their lives and the lives of other drivers.

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Sometimes drivers are in a hurry and unfamiliar with the road and do not see or notice a stop sign.  This can be as stated, a result of negligence on the driver’s part, if he or she is driving too fast and not paying attention, or it may be the fault of the city or county if a stop sign is not properly cared for and brush cleared away from the sign. You have to look for stop signs to see them which means not being in a rush.

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Sometimes signs are maliciously removed or tampered with and not promptly replaced or repaired.  

Sometimes a driver simply fails to come to a complete stop and instead slows down to a “rolling stop” or as is sometimes called, a “California stop.”

Sometimes, drivers do not properly stop at an intersection that has a bad reputation for bad accidents, and this is true even when several stop signs are placed there.  Sometimes people don’t wait their turn at a four way stop and try to follow the car in front of them, causing an accident.

There is no excuse for negligent actions that result in harm to others.  If your life has been tragically affected by injuries sustained in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, our Dallas Texas car accident attorneys will work hard to help you.

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