Accidents Caused by Speeding Trucks

Most people in Texas have been guilty of speeding.  For any driver, speeding is a violation, but when commercial truck drivers go faster than the legal limit it creates an extraordinary amount of risk for everyone on the highways.  All 18-wheeler drivers know that speeding increases their chances of getting into a wreck and seriously injuring other drivers and themselves, but despite this, it is still one of the two leading causes of truck accidents in Texas.

The fact that a tractor trailer can legally weigh up to 40 tons without a special permit, to most people means that drivers of 18 wheeler trucks have a special responsibility to the public on the roads.  While it is true that we all benefit as a society from the transportation of goods, it is also true that only the most skillful and responsible drivers should be allowed to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that can cause so much damage in the blink of an eye.

In accidents caused by semi-trucks where speed is a factor, the truck driver is going too fast for the circumstances (traffic, road conditions, visibility) at the time the collision occurs.  Driving over the speed limit in extreme weather or in and around construction zones commonly cause accidents with 18-wheelers; these wrecks can usually be avoided if the trucker drives with care for the law and the other drivers on the road.

Because of their great weight, a tractor trailer truck (also known as a commercial carrier) takes far longer to stop than any passenger car.  Generally speaking, it takes a semi truck about one-third longer to stop than a normal car or even a pickup truck. This makes the reaction time of the driver of any big rig on the highways of utmost importance.  Also of utmost importance is the speed of the commercial vehicle.  While delivering loads in a timely fashion is a worthy goal, speeding to get the load delivered on time is never a good way to accomplish it.

Speeding is one of the two most frequent causes of commercial vehicle accidents; driver distraction is the other.  Many trucks have recorders that keep a record of the vehicle’s speed while it is on the road.  Some commercial carriers have also equipped their vehicles with devices that communicate vehicle speed in real time (just as it is occurring) to the carrier’s location.  These “black boxes” also known as event data recorders on board the tractor trailers have brought a great deal of safety to the roads while also serving a special function in identifying causes of accidents.

These event recorders require special equipment to download the data; this information is rarely offered to someone involved in an accident who decides to handle their claim without the aid of an attorney; this is one of the reasons anyone who has been injured in an accident with a tractor trailer truck needs to have an attorney protecting their rights; to acquire all the data that is available to argue, substantiate and prove liability as well as damages.

Sometimes the trucker’s speed isn’t just a bad judgment call. Commercial truck drivers are under constant pressure to get their cargo to its location quickly and on time.  Truck drivers in Texas and all over the entire United States often work long hours and often drive over legal speed limits to meet their deadlines, even if it means breaking the law and putting themselves and other drivers at risk.

18 wheeler trucks sit up higher on the road than most other vehicles.  This offers the driver of the big rig a better view of the roadway but can also lead to accidents caused by the over confidence of the driver stemming from this higher vantage point.  Rear end truck accidents, jackknife accidents and rollover accidents all can be attributed in some cases to improper speed.

Whether speeding is the result of pressure from the carrier to deliver a load on time or is the result of bad judgment on the part of the driver, the desire for additional compensation by either the truck’s carrier or the driver of the truck can result in your Texas truck accident. A speeding truck driver is always a negligent truck driver and should be held accountable for your injuries. When an 18-wheeler weighing many tons crashes into you at an excessive speed or causes you to have a crash in any other way, you will almost always have serious injuries because of the comparative weight of your vehicle versus the weight of the truck.  When an accident with a truck happens, you need a Texas truck accident attorney who is familiar with the laws how to represent you and get you all the compensation you deserve.

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