Brain Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

The Centers for Disease Control states that traumatic brain injuries are caused by blows or jolts to the head or by a penetrating head injury that disrupts the functions of the brain.  Unfortunately, anyone who drives a car or is a passenger in one risks getting a traumatic brain injury.  Additionally, anyone walking near a road, riding a bicycle or riding a motorcycle also subjects themselves to the risk of a traumatic brain injury.

Basic Facts Concerning Traumatic Brain Injuries

1.4 million people suffer a TBI in the United States each year.  Of those 1.4 million individuals, 50,000 people die and 235,000 are hospitalized. Traumatic brain injuries are serious.

Children four years of age and younger and those between the ages of 15 and 19 are those most likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury.

Mild concussions can lead to epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders that are likely to develop as people age.

Activities Most Likely to Cause a Traumatic Brain Injury

Motor vehicle accidents (car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents) are responsible for about 20% of all traumatic brain injuries.

Striking an object or person leads to about 19% of all TBI injuries.

Precautions for the General Public Regarding Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Centers for Disease Control recommends a number of precautionary measures which include always wearing a seatbelt (shoulder harness and lap-belt) when driving or riding in a car, never driving and talking on a cell phone (or texting) at the same time so that you can concentrate on driving rather than being distracted.

Using appropriate car seats for all children and infants; never getting behind the wheel of a car when you’ve been drinking or using drugs;

Always wear a helmet while riding any type of motorcycle or bicycle.

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