Bus Accidents

When you step onto an Dallas transit bus or put your child onto a public or private school bus, you entrust yourself or your child to the bus driver, the bus company and everyone else on the road with you and your loved ones’ safety.  You assume that a bus accident just isn’t going to happen.  Unfortunately, they do.

The consequences of a bus accident can be significant, emotionally and financially.  They can be severe not only for the passengers but also their loved ones who depend on them.

The Texas legal system ensures that victims of bus accidents have a way of redress; a way to get compensated for their pain and suffering, their lost wages and their medical bills.

An experienced bus accident and personal injury lawyer can help you determine if you have a valid claim for your bus accident injuries, and if you do, they can help you obtain a recovery from the liable parties that is fair to you and your loved ones.

Bus Accident Statistics

Every year there are approximately 50,000 bus crashes in the United States.  These include accidents with cross country buses, school buses, transit buses and intercity buses.  Although the number of fatalities in these bus accidents is relatively low, the number of injuries is high; usually somewhere between 15,000 and 21,000 are injured every year in bus accidents.

What to Do After a Bus Accident Happens to You

Receiving prompt medical attention is the first priority.  The bus driver or other personnel on the bus will usually call for ambulances and other emergency assistance.  Make sure you are evaluated for neck, head, back and other spinal injuries.  If you have a camera or cell phone with a camera, take photos of the accident scene and all property damages if you are able.

After the accident and as soon as possible, contact a lawyer experienced in handling personal injury cases.  An experienced bus accident and personal injury lawyer will know how to investigate the many regulations that pertain to commercial bus lines.  Also, an experienced personal injury lawyer will know how best to investigate the accident and work with any other lawyers who represent fellow passengers, for the benefit of you and your claim. Your attorney will know what to do in situations where they might be limited insurance available, and those situations arise quite often in bus accidents where there are multiple claimants.

Governmental Entities

When a governmental entity owns or operates the bus or bus “company”, you may only have a limited amount of time to file a notice of your claim or any lawsuit that pertains to your case.

You should entrust your case only to an attorney who has experience and proven results in injury cases, to ensure that your case is handled competently and properly and that any filing deadlines in your case are met promptly.

The Kinds of Compensation Are Recoverable in A Bus Accident

Depending on the nature of the injuries that you or your family member has sustained in a bus accident, your bus accident lawyer may make claims including but not limited to the following kinds:

  1. Pain and suffering
  2. Past and Future Medical expenses
  3. Past and Future Lost wages
  4. Loss or Impairment of Earning Capacity
  5. Vocational rehabilitation
  6. Loss of consortium (the services and comfort that an injured spouse can no longer give or perform)
  7. Life care expenses
  8. Punitive Damages
  9. Wrongful death

A bus accident personal injury attorney can determine the types of damages for which you may recover.  The amount of those damages depends on the severity and circumstances of the bus accident.  Where multiple parties bear responsibility for the bus accident, the payment of monetary damages may need to be apportioned.  

Were you seriously or catastrophically injured in a bus accident?  If so, do not hesitate to request a free case evaluation from the experienced personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Adrian Crane.  Call or contact us online with the free case evaluation form on this website.

The calculation of damages from a bus accident depends on factors such as the level and extent of the claimant’s injuries, any current earnings loss and/or impairment of future earning capacity, whether or not the claimant has children or dependants, and the amounts of past and future medical expenses.  It is in your best interests to contact an experienced and competent bus crash personal injury attorney to help and assist you in determining what kinds and amounts of recovery you should seek.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards – What Qualifies as A Bus?

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards states that a bus is any motorized vehicle capable of carrying more than 10 passengers.  This includes school buses and vans, large vans used for public transport, church vans and buses, city, county and municipal transit buses, most airport shuttles, most tour buses, trolleys and interstate carriers, such as Greyhound and other private tour buses and lines.  Most of these are defined as ‘common carriers’ which makes them subject to both state and federal licensing requirements and other regulations, however, it is often Texas state law that will determine if bus companies and others are liable for compensating a passenger for injuries sustained in a bus crash.

Greyhound and Tour Bus Accidents

Tour buses such as Greyhound buses and other commercial bus service providers carry thousands of passengers every day.  Many passengers cross several state lines making the trip an interstate trip.  Tour bus and Greyhound bus accidents occur for many reasons, including but not limited to driver sleepiness and fatigue, negligent and reckless driving on the part of the bus driver or other drivers on the roads, dangerous highway and road conditions, a lack of repairs and mechanical maintenance to the bus, and defectively manufactured, installed, maintained or manufactured bus parts.

The Lack of Seatbelts Often Leads to Serious Injuries in Bus Accidents

Many if not most buses and public transport vehicles do not have seat belts (lap or shoulder belts) to protect occupants when a bus accident happens.  Unfortunately, federal law does not require passenger restraint systems, however it does require restraint systems for the driver.

This lack of restraints in a bus means that when a tour bus or a Greyhound bus does get involved in any kind of accident, passengers are likely to be more seriously injured or killed than they would be otherwise as there are no seatbelts to keep them from crashing into things including other people, when an accident occurs.

Although federal law does not require these types of buses to have seat belts for passengers, most personal injury lawyers know that some courts have allowed suits to proceed against bus companies who make the decision not to install restraint systems.

Selecting a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer to Represent You in Your Bus Accident Claim

It is important for you to hire a lawyer who is experienced and capable of handling your bus accident.  They will need to research, understand and know state and federal laws and regulations which govern the type of bus and bus company you were involved with to determine if any violation of laws contributed to or caused your bus accident or made your injuries more severe.  Your lawyer will need to know of and claim against all potential sources of liability and compensation.  They will need to consider the potential liability of the driver, his or her employer, the manufacturer of the bus and/or the bus’s maintenance company, the bus company that may have hired an unqualified mechanic or driver and possibly even all of the above as it relates to another party who caused an accident with a bus that you or a loved one was on.

Investigations by Personal Injury Lawyers Into the Causes of Bus Accidents

In some cases your personal injury bus accident lawyer will want to retain an investigator to look into the causes of your bus accident.  If your bus accident may have been caused by a dangerous road condition, a personal injury lawyer may need to hire a civil engineer or engineer who is an expert in traffic and road design to identify any defect in the road which may have led to your bus accident.

Experienced and competent personal injury accident lawyers invest whatever resources are necessary to make sure that your case is settled for its full value.  Personal injury lawyers and their experts may visit the scene of the bus accident and take photos and measurements and conduct any tests when necessary.  They will also interview any eye witnesses and investigate any prior complaints, claims and/or lawsuits that may have previously been made against any potentially liable parties.

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The Law Offices of Adrian Crane has a long history of success in helping accident victims. Our lawyers have procured significant results for many satisfied clients beginning in 1991.  If you desire a free consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact one of our attorneys. Many bus accident claims must be filed within a specific period of time so do not delay. Claims involving buses owned by government entities and school boards often have shorter filing deadlines.  Acting promptly to hire an experienced and effective bus accident and personal injury attorney is essential in protecting your rights.

You can also have one of our bus accident and personal injury lawyers evaluate your injury case by completing the contact form in this website.

Lawyers at The Law Offices of Adrian Crane provide a winning combination of resources, experience, patience and determination for people who have sustained injuries in car accidents.

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