Car and Truck Accidents Caused by Running Red Lights.

When a vehicle collides with another in a car accident at high speeds when running a red light, the effects can be devastating.  One reason this is so is because often the car running the red light is trying to beat the light by speeding up.  

Another reason devastating injuries are often caused by people running red lights is because the car struck in the intersection is often struck broadside which means that the passenger or driver in the struck car often strikes their head on the interior of the car, often at the side post; the vertical metal support that runs between the driver’s side door and the passenger door.  This post is made of strong and thick steel, and striking it can cause skull, head, neck and brain injuries.  At other times, the driver and occupants of the struck car can be slammed into the windows which often are extremely resistant to breaking, again causing severe injuries.

Running Red Lights Causes Many Deaths and Injuries

Drivers that run red lights are one of the top causes of car accidents.  It is estimated that as many as 1,000 people are killed and 90,000 people are injured every year in the United States. 

Red Light Auto Accident Statistics

Car crashes caused by drivers running red lights are more likely than any other type of crash to produce some degree of injury.  Approximately 47% of all car accidents caused by someone running a red light result in an injury.  Accidents caused by factors other than someone running a red light are likely to result in injuries about 33 percent of the time.

Fatal car accidents caused by running red lights on urban roads are more likely to cause a fatal accident as compared to any other combination accident type and location.

Car accidents caused by drivers running red lights during the day are slightly more likely to occur during the day as compared to the night.

Many Drivers Rush Through Red Lights only To Rush Into a Car Accident

More and more red lights (properly called “traffic control signals”) have been appearing at intersections as a result of a country that has become more densely populated.  Traffic control signals or red lights help control and lessen traffic congestion as compared to four-way stop signs and blinking red or flashing yellow control lights.

Unfortunately, traffic control signals (red lights) do not ease traffic jams when someone runs the light and causes an accident.  Being in a hurry is the main culprit in motivating people to run red lights; this is actually the leading excuse given by people running the red light.  When drivers see a stale green light or yellow light, they often speed up to beat the light.  Sometimes they proceed through the intersection long after the light has already turned red.  This prioritization of rushing through a dangerous intersection to save just a minute or two of time as compared to being a little patient and placing everyone’s safety first, unfortunately often leads to horrible life changing accidents.

Another group of accidents are caused by drivers who when distracted or not paying attention, run through red lights.  Driver distractions are the leading cause of accidents, not just when drivers run through red lights.

An experienced car and truck accident personal injury attorney like those at The Law Offices of Adrian Crane, will know how to conduct a proper and timely investigation.   Hiring a car and truck accident personal injury attorney immediately after an accident has occurred is very important as information should be gathered as soon as possible as the injured party in an auto accident has the burden of proof and must show that the other driver was negligent.  If the injured party waits too long before hiring a car accident attorney, valuable evidence can be lost and witnesses can forget what happened or their testimony can change due to the lapse of time or bad influences. 

As Dallas and North Texas car accident attorneys, we believe that no one should ever speed up at a yellow light.  That is how many car accidents happen.  Furthermore, you should never enter an intersection immediately after a light changes to green without looking first to make sure no one is running through the intersection against a red light.  Your safety, your passenger’s safety and other driver’s safety should always be the top priority on the road, and one way of lowering the risk of an accident is for everyone to stop at a red light and to prepare to stop when seeing a stale green light or yellow light. Remember, just because you have a green light does not necessarily mean it is safe to proceed.

Our Dallas and North Texas lawyers have been dedicated to serving people with automobile accident injuries for the past two decades.  Our attorneys look forward to providing you with excellent advice so that you can make wise, informed decisions about your case.

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