Contingency Fees and Contingent Fee Contracts

Oftentimes people are reluctant to look into hiring a lawyer is because they believe they can’t afford it.

While it is true that many lawyers charge hourly rates over $500 an hour, this is not the case at Adrian Crane and Associates where we charge nothing unless we win for you, making winning for you the contingency that must occur before we get paid anything.

What a Contingency Fee Agreement Can Do for You

Generally speaking, a contingency fee agreement is an agreement to pay legal fees based on a percentage of the amount a lawyer recovers for their client as well as to reimburse the lawyer for his out of pocket expenses and court costs, if any.  The lawyer agrees to await payment for his work as well as advance court costs and other expenses, which are also repaid out of the recovery.

The lawyer’s fees are paid out of the money obtained for the client out of the settlement or judgment, when it is received.  If nothing is recovered, the client pays the lawyer nothing; nothing for his time, expenses or court costs.

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The agreement to hire the lawyer under a contingent fee basis and the percentage rate that is charged out of the settlement or judgment is agreed upon in writing between the lawyer and the client when the lawyer accepts the case.  

Another benefit to clients that contingency fee agreements give is that the attorney is highly motivated to not only win for the client but to maximize the amount of the recovery, because the larger the recovery is, the larger the amount of money is that the lawyer receives.

We Always Represent Our Injured Clients on Contingent Fee Basis

The Law Offices of Adrian Crane is a contingency-fee-based firm and only gets paid when we get a financial recovery for you. Our injured clients never pay us up front.

We know that paying a lawyer up front would be hard for people under most circumstances and we know it would be even more difficult after a car or truck accident, so we make it easy for clients to get excellent representation now with our contingent fee agreements.

Our contingency fee, plus court costs and expenses agreement means we keep a percentage of the total recovery if we succeed, plus we are reimbursed for what we have advanced in the way of our out of pocket expenses if we succeed, so you never have to worry about how you are going to pay us.

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