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Medical Malpractice – Anesthesia/Surgical Errors

The Law Offices of Adrian Crane, P.C. April 27, 2015

Surgeons and anesthesiologists are among the most trusted professionals in the field of medicine, but they also make mistakes. Unfortunately, when they make mistakes, they are generally not minor in terms of the way it affects their patients.

If you have been the victim of improper anesthetic dosing, an allergic reaction to an anesthetic, or are the victim or any other surgical mishap, you may be entitled to compensation. Let one of our experienced personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers review your claim.

Surgical Mistakes in Texas Medical Malpractice Cases

The personal injury attorneys of the Dallas, Texas law firm of The Law Offices of Adrian Crane will assist individuals in the entire North Texas area in an effort to help them recover compensation for additional hospital stays, corrective procedures, lost wages, and pain and suffering resulting from any type of medical malpractice including anesthesia and surgical errors. These cases can involve a variety of mistakes, including:

  • Anesthesia overdoses

  • Botched operations

  • Inadequate anesthetic causing the victim to experience pain or awaken during surgery

  • Allergic reactions to anesthesia or other drug interactions

  • Surgical implements left inside patients such as gauze, tweezers, clamps and scissors

  • Nicked arteries or organs allow fluids to enter areas causing harm

  • Improper surgical procedures such as operating on the wrong limb or eye

  • Erroneous procedures

  • Misdiagnoses

Surgical mistakes are all too common in Texas hospitals, medical facilities and clinics, and when it’s your health that’s impacted, you should explore all your options to see if you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a lawyer at The Law Offices of Adrian Crane to learn more.

With all personal injury cases, it’s important to retain the services of a qualified, experienced lawyer as early as possible so as to become informed, protect and preserve your rights and to begin the process.

In medical malpractice cases, there is a statute of limitations of typically two years from the time that the patient was aware or should have become aware of the surgical error, anesthetic mistake or medical error. Any unnecessary delay can negatively impact the outcome of, and your possible recovery in the potential case.

We’ve been Focused on Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Since 1991

If you should choose to retain the services of the medical malpractice legal team at The Law Offices of Adrian Crane, our lawyers will create a time line of events, obtain medical records, consult medical experts and obtain their written opinions, interview witnesses, and calculate your past and future monetary losses and other damages before approaching your doctors’ or medical providers’ medical malpractice insurers with our settlement demand.

During this preparation, you will be frequently consulted and kept apprised of the proceedings. If the insurance company’s attorneys refuse to negotiate and eventually meet our settlement demands you will have an experienced litigation attorney on your side. When dealing with medical professionals, you need legal professionals working for you.

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If you or a loved one has suffered harm from any kind of medical malpractice including anesthesia or surgical errors, you owe it to yourself and your family to hire an attorney who specializes only in representing injured victims. Contact an attorney at The Law Offices of Adrian Crane by calling or by contacting us through the case evaluation form located on this website.

For your convenience, we offer home, hospital, office and nursing home visits. Our team of professionals at The Law Offices of Adrian Crane will provide you with the experience, strategy and commitment that protect your rights and claims.

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