Permanent Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

While injuries from car accidents vary in severity, there are several common car accident injuries that are permanent or lead to disability or pain that never quite goes away.

Cuts (Lacerations)

Impacts with the interiors of cars especially windshields, contact with flying broken glass, contact with torn sheet metal or contact with other flying objects inside the car like laptops can cause minor to severe lacerations or cuts. Also, compound fractures (fractures where bones protrude through the skin) can leave permanent scars.

Cuts may heal on their own or with a few stitches but often leave permanent scars. Deep lacerations may result in blood loss and a loss of mobility, and may require surgery to repair.  Surgery may be necessary to minimize the visibility of scars, especially if the scars are on the face or neck. Scars can also cause permanent pain.

Broken and Fractured Bones

Broken wrists, arms, ankles, feet, legs, skulls and ribs all can occur in car accidents.  Breaks or fractures are usually treated by resetting the bone, oftentimes with surgery and hardware (called an ORIF or “open reduction internal fixation”), followed with a cast followed by physical therapy.  Physical therapy usually only begins after the cast is removed.  Physical therapy is employed to assist the patient in regaining mobility however oftentimes even with proper physical therapy full mobility is never regained.  Less serious breaks may not require surgery to repair, however physical therapy is almost always recommended, again, to improve mobility.  Unfortunately, even less serious breaks may lead to permanent immobility even if physical therapy is undertaken.  Consulting with an orthopedic surgeon or specialist for a recommendation for physical therapy is the best course in reducing problems with permanent injuries in the mobility of joints and connections.

Spine, Back & Neck Injuries

Whiplash is a very common neck injury that is sustained in car accidents especially rear-end collisions.  It is caused by the movement of your head in relation to your body and neck, outside its normal range.  This movement strains tendons, ligaments and muscles.  It is often referred to as a soft tissue injury because bones are not involved.  While many victims of whiplash do regain full movement, unfortunately many do not, especially when the whiplash has been severe. Severe whiplash can result in not only permanent loss of mobility but also permanent pain.

Car accidents often cause spinal injuries.  Spinal injuries often result in severe pain, loss of movement, tingling, loss of sensation or movement and can result in temporary or permanent paralysis.  Paralysis involving the lower body is called paraplegia, and is often caused by a spinal injury below the sternum.  Paralysis involving the arms, shoulders and legs is called quadriplegia and if usually caused by an injury to the spine at the neck level.

Internal Injuries

While injuries to internal organs are often not thought of as causing permanent injury, they may indeed lead to all kinds of difficulty that never goes away.  If in a car accident, the crash forces your body into an object like the steering wheel or if you are hit by flying debris from inside or outside the vehicle or if you are slammed into the restraint system with enough force, your internal organs which include your liver, kidneys, spleen, liver, heart and lungs, can be permanently damaged.  These injuries often result in internal bleeding and must be treated promptly, often times with surgery which leaves another permanent injury, namely scarring.

Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A severe blow to the head may cause bruising to or swelling in the brain. If this bruising or swelling is severe enough, it can result in permanent injury.  If you hit your head in a car accident, it is important to tell the paramedics at the scene of the accident.  While the swelling may begin immediately after the accident, the injured party may not feel any effects or exhibit any symptoms until some time has passed and the swelling has had a chance to develop.  This period of time before confusion, dizziness and possibly even unconsciousness is sometimes referred to the “lucid interval.”  

Our Goal is to Maximize Your Recovery

The immediate treatment of all head injuries is very important and can prevent permanent loss of mental faculties.  Unfortunately, a serious injury to the brain can lead to the most traumatic of permanent injuries namely brain damage which can manifest itself in loss of speech, loss of movement and loss of the ability to think clearly and process information as before the accident.

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