Sexual Abuse and Child Molestation Cases

Sexual abuse by trusted individuals, such as business owners, clergy, coaches, music instructors, medical providers, psychiatrists, physicians, policemen, teachers, trainers, sexual predators or individuals in a position of power over the victims, causes physical and emotional pain to violated victims.  These breaches of trust often leave traumatic lifelong emotional scars.  Many sexual abuse victims require long periods of psychiatric and psychological therapy as well as inpatient hospitalization in mental facilities to help them deal with the emotional scars that sexual abuse can leave.

Scope of The Problem

The scope of the problem of sexual abuse is huge.  Some statistics indicate that more than 30 percent of all girls and 20 percent of all boys will be victims of sexual abuse by the time they are 18 years old.  Sexual assault includes any and all inappropriate touching including forced kissing, forced penetration of any kind, and rape by threat or otherwise.  Sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault are serious physical injuries and can cause a plethora of serious and intractable physical and emotional harms, including conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), physical injury, transmission of sexual diseases and many forms and manifestations of psychiatric illness such as anxiety, depression, paranoia, helplessness, shame and fear of relationships or intimacy.

Victims React in Many Different Ways

Decades of social science and psychology research has shown that there is no standard way sexual assault victims react to having been abused.  Some immediately go to the police or hospital.  Some take years to recognize what has happened.  Compassionate and educated people shouldn’t judge or blame survivors who don’t follow stereotypes about how rape victims “should” act; they should look at each situation individually to understand what happened, why it happened, how it happened, and how it could have been prevented as well as what can be done to compensate the victim and punish the wrongdoer.

We Are Prepared to Help Many Victims in Various Types of Sexual Abuse Scenarios

Should your case involve sexual bullying, sexual hazing or sexual harassment, sexual abuse in school, sexual abuse in church, cyber-stalking, foster care sexual abuse, sexual abuse in sports, or sexual abuse in the workplace, our legal team has the experience and skills to deal with your situation.

Our experienced sexual abuse and personal injury lawyers are ready to help you or your loved one begin the journey of healing that begins with an investigation ending with compensation and justice for those who have been wronged by any kind of sexual abuse.

If you or a loved one has suffered any kind of sexual abuse or molestation, you owe it to yourself and your family to hire an attorney who specializes only in representing injured victims.  Contact an attorney at The Law Offices of Adrian Crane by calling or contacting us through the case evaluation form located on this website.

For your convenience, we offer home, hospital, office and nursing home visits.  Our team of professionals at The Law Offices of Adrian Crane will provide you with the experience, strategy and commitment that protect your rights and claims.

At our personal injury firm, you speak directly with an attorney, not just secretaries and paralegals.  A Spanish-speaking attorney and staff members are available for your assistance. Se habla Español.

Attorneys associated with The Law Offices of Adrian Crane handle cases across the state of Texas.  Our principal office in North Texas is in Dallas however we are happy to welcome cases from anywhere in Texas, regardless of where you live or where the accident took place.

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