Side Impact Car Accidents

Side impact collisions are the second most dangerous type of accidents after head-on collisions.  Side impact collisions are also often referred to as “t-bone” accidents or collisions or “broad-side” crashes.  

Side impact collisions usually occur when a car does not yield the right of way at an intersection, when one car unsafely leaves a driveway, or when a car leaves a parking space without carefully looking to see if the way is clear. 

The Severity and Types of Injuries Caused by A Side Impact Car Accident Depends on Several Factors

The severity and different types of injuries depend on several variables; the speed of the striking car at the  time of impact, how large the vehicles are relative to each other, and how high or low the vehicles are in relation to each other.  Even in cars with airbags located in the sides of doors or at the side posts (“side impact airbags), the driver and passengers are usually injured.  

Side impact collisions can lead to a number of different kinds of severe injuries even when they occur at relatively low speeds.  

Types of Injuries Often Received in Side Impact Car Accidents

Common types of injuries suffered during side impact collision accidents include:

  • Arm and hand injuries
  • Back and spine injuries
  • Ear and hearing injuries
  • Skull and Head injuries
  • Leg or hip injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Rib injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Vision damage
  • Whiplash

Side-impact whiplash is one type of injury that is quite common, even for lower impact side impact collisions.  Side impact whiplash affects the soft tissues of the neck, shoulder and upper back area, and it occurs because the head is thrown or whipped back and forth due to the body being sent in one direction while the head stays momentarily stationary before being stretched into rapid movement, to be whipped back again.  A side impact whiplash causes damage to the ligaments, muscles and tendons around the head, neck and upper back or shoulders.  Whiplash can be a very serious and painful injury, and can take months if not years to go away; in fact, some people never fully recover from a whiplash injury.

If you have suffered side impact whiplash as a result of an accident caused by the carelessness, recklessness or negligence of another, then you may make a claim a personal injury car accident claim. 

Whiplash Injuries Caused by A Side-Impact Car Accident

Whiplash injuries often present themselves as a sore neck and headaches. The pain won’t go away no matter how the person’s head is held.

Oftentimes the victim experiences stiffness and pain in and around the neck and the back of the head.  The symptoms may appear right away but often times they do not appear until several days after the car accident.  The symptoms may persist for a few weeks, a few months or even in rare cases, for years or permanently. Whiplash injuries often cause a significant amount of discomfort and can sometimes interfere with the person’s ability to work.  Medical treatment is almost always warranted to help manage and lessen pain and provide proper healing so scar tissue will not interfere with mobility or cause pain.  Oftentimes a neck brace or immobilizer is warranted, especially in the earliest stages of the healing process.  Chiropractic care, physical therapy and pain medications are often times recommended or prescribed.

When whiplash is caused by the carelessness of another party, you may be able to recover damages.  Insurance companies always require evidence of whiplash injuries since these injuries are soft tissue injuries and are not proved by “objective” findings (like a broken bone which can be proved by an x-ray); the injuries can be faked or exaggerated.

Evidence that suffices as proof of a soft tissue or side impact whiplash injury would be photos of the damages to the car showing that the impact was significant, doctor’s bills and medical records that show you received medical care and your statement describing the pain and suffering that you went through.

If you are able to successfully make your claim and prove harm, then you are entitled to receive compensation for the medical costs you incurred from the accident and injury, as well as for your lost wages if you missed work as well as your pain and suffering and emotional distress.  Compensation for all of these damages (and sometimes others) can come in the form of a financial settlement arranged outside of court with the insurance company representing the responsible driver.  If a settlement cannot be reached with the insurance carrier, you may be compensated as a result of a successful verdict in a personal injury lawsuit in which you prove their negligence to the jury as well the amount of your damages. 

We Provide Expert Legal Assistance for People Seriously Injured in Side Impact Car Accidents

Because whiplash claims and other soft tissue claims are often hard to prove, you should make sure you speak with and hire an experienced personal injury car accident lawyer as soon as you can after you realize you have suffered an injury. Your lawyer can advise you along the way and assemble all the evidence that you need in order to prove your claim so you will have the best possible chances of successfully recovering damages.  And, in the event that your car accident case does not settle out of court, he can file suit and pursue justice for you in front of a judge and jury.

If you have been injured in any kind of car or truck accident you are invited to contact one of the attorneys at The Law Offices of Adrian Crane for a no-obligation confidential consultation.  You can reach us by dialing us you can contact us through the case evaluation form on this website for a no obligation free consultation.

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