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Texting that Causes a Car Accident

The Law Offices of Adrian Crane, P.C. April 20, 2015

When a person is distracted in the car by texting, accidents often happen. Unfortunately they tend to be more severe than an accident that occurs when a person is paying attention because in the case of a texting driver, they are often unable to take evasive action that might lessen the severity of an impact; they don’t see the accident about to happen because they are absorbed in reading their mobile device.

Texting Is a Big Problem

Of the more than two trillion text messages sent each year, many are sent from moving vehicles. The CDC (Centers For Disease Control) statistics on distracted driving ( are frightening. Fortunately, some private corporations are stepping up to the plate. BMW, AT&T and the non-profit Ad Council have begun to promote safer behavior by launching campaigns aimed at decreasing distracted driving. We should all applaud their efforts.

One in Three Persons Texts and Drives

According to a recent survey by the CDC on distracted driving, about one in three of American drivers admit to writing, sending or reading an email or text message while driving a car or truck, in the past 30 days.

Distracted Driving Is the Leading Cause of Accidents

Almost twenty percent of all accidents that occur involve a distracted driver. The likelihood of getting in an accident increases 23 fold while texting and driving. So, not only is texting while driving against the law, it is also extremely dangerous. Thankfully, private companies including automakers and phone companies are stepping up in an effort to make drivers and roads safer.

BMW; “Don’t TXT & Drive”

Recently BMW North America began a multi-platform campaign including a campaign to educate drivers about the dangers of texting while driving. The campaign was titled “Don’t TXT & Drive” and focused its efforts on persuading parents to do something about texting and driving. They reminded driving parents of what is at stake for their family when their attention is on a mobile device as opposed to the road.

AT&T; “It Can Wait”

Cell phone companies have also tried to do something about the dangers of texting and driving. Smartphones are as popular as they’ve ever been and it looks like they’re to stay. AT&T has created an advertising campaign and also an interactive touring exhibit for students aimed at reducing accidents caused by texting and driving. Not long ago, AT&T launched the “It Can Wait” campaign, asking drivers if the last text they read or sent was worth causing an accident. They featured parents of teens killed in accidents and injured accident survivors. The sight of a paralyzed teen or a crying parent makes an impactful statement. They followed up by creating a simulator and allowing high-school students to see first hand how just how texting causes accidents and horrific injuries.

Texting While Driving Causes Accidents in Texas

In Texas, drivers control an assemblage of steel and materials that hurtles down the road at speeds that can reach 85 ( miles per hour. It doesn’t matter how many airbags are in the car or how good the automatic braking control system is, the best safety feature in the car is a driver who is not distracted and who is driving at a sane and safe speed.

When a driver doesn’t keep his eyes on the road and causes an accident, you should make a claim not only for your damages but also to make sure that driver gets the message about how not to behave on the roads.

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