Low Impact Rear-End Collision

My client’s small pick-up truck sustained less than $50 in damages when struck from behind by a driver talking on a cell phone. She sustained neck and back injuries.

$100,000 Settlement Secured

18-Wheeler/Car Accident

My client’s car was struck from behind by an 18-wheeler. The client suffered neck and back injuries requiring neck surgery which was successful.

$1,450,000 Settlement Achieved

Head-On Collision

A head-on collision occurred between the client’s car and a pickup truck. The client suffered three broken limbs and numerous lacerations.

$740,000 Result

Auto Accident

An auto accident occured at a construction site. My client suffered a broken leg and soft tissue neck and back injuries.

$350,000 Settlement Won

Side-Swipe Car Accident

In a side-swipe car accident, my client suffered soft tissue neck and back injuries.

$210,000 Settlement Secured

Defective Product Installation

A defectively installed interior home attic ladder collapsed when opened, resulting in the client breaking his elbow and requiring surgery.

$300,000 Settlement

Defective Fence

A child fell from a second-story balcony at an apartment building due to a defective fence around the landing which was missing two vertical bars. The child suffered a mild brain injury.

$1,500,000 Result

Defective Product Assembly

Due to a defectively assembled ladder that collapsed when used, my client suffered a neck injury not requiring surgery. This client was a chiropractor who literally knew more than a hundred different personal injury lawyers in Texas but chose my firm to represent him.

$1,200,000 Settlement Secured

Collapsed Staircase

My client crushed his foot as a result of a staircase collapsing outside an apartment. The place where the staircase was attached to the second-floor landing had rotted away allowing the staircase to collapse onto the client’s foot when the client was going up the staircase.

$500,000 Result

Nursing Home Injury

My client’s mother suffered a fall at a nursing home resulting in a closed head injury. A warning sign over the woman’s bed to not let the woman ambulate without assistance was ignored.

$495,000 Won

Sexual Assault of Two Children

I handled a case in which two children were left alone with a man who sexually assaulted them, resulting in psychological damages to the children.

$400,000 Settlement Achieved