J.S. is a doctor who specializes in treating people injured in all kinds of accidents, including traffic accidents. He knows many, many personal injury attorneys but when he personally needed an injury lawyer, he called Adrian Crane to represent him. That case was satisfactorily resolved. Later, he was in another accident while Adrian Crane was out of the country, and so he hired another lawyer. He later told Adrian “I wish I had hired you because the other lawyer didn't know what he was doing and lost the case at trial.

-Dr J.S.,Dallas,Texas

Adrian handled my case a few years ago, and when I had the opportunity to refer an injured friend to him I gladly did, and he won that case too. He’s an honest, hard-working lawyer and he knows what he is doing.

-Mike D., Lytle, Texas

The Law Offices of Adrian Crane did a great job of handling a case of mine; it went smoothly and without a hitch, and he was on top of it from the beginning to the end. After he handled my case, my son was in an accident and of course we hired him for that too. It was no surprise that he won that case. You won't be disappointed in his legal services. He keeps in touch with his clients and he’s a man of his word.

- Shawn M., Arlington, Texas